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About the Artist

I’ve always had a fascination with the beauty of nature’s designs.  The infinite forms of life in this Universe and the exotic worlds they inhabit perpetually drive my imagination.  I believe my works capture both harmonious and chaotic visions of our existence. A balance of menacing darkness and peaceful elegance.  Nothing brings  more elation than staring into a blank canvas wondering what dark world will reveal itself. I credit my artistic inspiration heavily to Hans Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński, Peter Gric, and Dariusz Zawadski. I would like to personally thank you for visiting my gallery.  Welcome.  

-J. Ravencrest


About the Gallery

Archival Museum Quality Prints 

All reproductions from this gallery are printed at the world-class printshop Van Gogh Again in Broomfield, CO.  This shop prints exclusively for fine artists. Among whom are myself and the amazing David Yule of Harley Davidson.

All prints are made with the highest quality 100 year archival inks and materials.

All prints are signed by the artist.

Limited edition prints will be signed and numbered.

Prints are available on archival watercolor paper or canvas.  


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Ravencrest Fine Art Gallery

Raven is both the symbol of the sun, and the symbol of a moonless night. She is the birth-giving light in the center of our galaxy, and the black hole in the center of the universe, to which we are all traveling to our eventual extinction.