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Defender of the Oracle Gateway


Jet Pack – One Badass Bearded Dragon!

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Jet Pack- Defender of the Oracle Gateway!  This scene is of the immense bearded dragon Jet Pack’s inaugural flight. This is a mission of extreme importance.  To defeat the evil sun-destroying serpent Apophis before he devours the Sun!  In a resource-barren future, mankind’s only hope was the construction of the Oracle Gateway in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere. The gateway would be a path to rare elements needed to sustain mankind’s advanced civilization.  Upon opening up the gateway they unleashed an ancient menace.  The humans had only one weapon, a perfect genetic being that was frozen in the year 2013 and prophesied to one day save the Solar System.  Jet Pack was reanimated and was reengineered to be over 600 ft. long!  After being fitted with state-of-the-art flight and weapons capabilities, the scientists at The Oracle Gateway cheer on Jet Pack as he prepares to lift off and fight the ultimate battle!

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18"x24", 27"x36"


Fine Art Paper, Rolled Canvas, Mounted Canvas, 1.5" Stretched Canvas

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