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In the year 2014, before the sixth great extinction of the world, a creature was discovered with an infinitely perfect genetic helix that could one day be used to save the remaining survivors of our blue planet… A bearded dragon named Jet Pack. Knowing that they were limited by the technology of their time, the Lehnen Corporation who first discovered Jet Pack’s amazing capability volunteered their family to be put in suspended animation along with their scaled companion until the moment when the very fate of the solar system may be decided.

Four hundred and thirty five years in the future, life as we know it is in peril. Most of the creatures that once flourished in our solar system have disappeared, and are only survived by a genetic ark called the Archive of Species buried deep in Mars’ Olympus Mons. Earth’s only hope to find the materials needed to restore life is the Oracle Gateway Floating City located near Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The people of the United Solar Federation rejoiced upon the completion of the gateway, as it would finally lead them to the resources crucial to rebuilding their once utopian planet. The celebration, however, was short lived…
As the gateway opened, a creature was unleashed.. An immense and powerful creature.. A being that defied everything we knew about life in the Universe, and the ultimate embodiment of evil.. Apophis: Enemy of the Sun.

It seemed as if all hope was lost. Apophis was a literal god; an etherial serpent whose body stretched thousands of miles. His sole purpose was to destroy the Sun and all of the creatures to which It gave life. With every star Apophis destroys, his powers grow stronger. The Oracle Gateway was his key to ultimate destruction. Nothing would stand in his way. The story of Jet Pack had been lost to the ages. It was revered as a child’s myth, a bedtime fable for the families of the federation. There was one, however, who knew the secret. He was the last of the Sacred Brotherhood of Mars, a group of men sworn to protect the legend at all costs. Some called him the Bird of Mars. His late brothers knew him as The Phoenix. He and those before him had lived their entire lives for this moment. The final battle of good and evil. A time when the fate of all life in the solar system would be decided. It was time to resurrect the Lehnen family and the only creature powerful enough to defeat Apophis… Jet Pack-Defender of the Oracle Gateway!